Thursday, July 3, 2014

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Material removed 8/14/2015


  1. This paper may interest you, especially the brief historical review of the idea that galactic dark matter halos consist of degenerate neutrinos.

  2. Thanks for sharing the paper. I skimmed through it briefly, and will read it in more detail in the future.
    It seems that they modeled neutrinos with a rest mass of ~1 eV, and it appears that they did not use the equations of general relativity to model the neutrinos.
    So, they can't answer the question of whether light (~meV), degenerate neutrinos are the cause of dark energy in the universe. But the fact they predict repulsion between the neutrino clumps is a promising sign that they are on the right track.
    I think that they just need to lower the mass of the neutrinos and treat the system using the General Theory of Relativity.
    Let me know if you find anything else like this.