Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Right to Reproduce = A Basic Human Right

I read an article by BBC news this week about the forced sterilization of women in Uzbekistan, and I wanted to raise awareness about this horrible large-scale crime by the government of Uzbekistan. There is a petition on the web to raise awareness of this problem.
Normally, I'm not a big fan of petitions, but in this case, a petition signed by thousands or millions of people might actually help because, according to the BBC news article, the government of Uzbekistan cares about its appearance on the global stage. 

The freedom for a woman to reproduce of her own choosing is a basic human right. No government has the right to sterilize a man or a woman (except maybe in the case of extreme sex crimes.)

Unfortunately, Uzbekistan is not the only place on the globe right now that has taken away this most basic of human rights (the right to reproduce of one's own volition.) China took away this basic human right when it instituted the One Child policy back in the 1979. This policy is still in effect in many parts of China.

China's One Child policy is sick, inhumane and just stupid. Most woman want to reproduce, and because of the law, some woman travel to other countries to give birth. Unfortunately, some woman were 'coerced' into being sterilized after the first child, and there have also been cases of forced abortion.
There is now a gender-based birth rate disparity in China. The ratio of men to women being born is now ~117:100. And what's eventually going to happen is that China will develop an aging population, similar to countries like Japan.

Instead of taking away a person's basic human right to procreate, why doesn't China just invest more money into developing technology to farm in areas that are considered non-farmland right now. If China's concern is not having enough food, then they should be focused on making more food rather than keeping people from having babies. There are large stretches of land in China on the northern border with China that are completely desert. China needs to figure out how to grow food in the desert...perhaps they have to pipe in desalinized water from the ocean to operate algae farms.

This would be infinitely better than forcing woman to only have one child, forcing abortions and forcing sterilization. And once you develop the technology to grow food in the desert, then you can export the technology to places like Uzbekistan so that the government of Uzbekistan doesn't need to worry about a growing population and can stop sterilizing women against their will.

We need to figure out how to increase the global birth rate in a way that doesn't lead to mass starvation. The solution to this problem most likely rests on figuring out ways to farm in a desert or farm algae off the surface of the ocean.


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