Sunday, September 11, 2011

To the Fallen & To Those That Remember

My thoughts and condolences go out to all people today who lost loved ones on Sept 11th.
So many lives were taken away when those planes crashed and when those buildings collapsed.
Having not lost any close friends or family members in those attacks, or in any other such a horrible tragedy, I have no clue what you face, are facing or will face in the days ahead.

I'm glad to see so many brave family members read the names of those who died in the attacks on Sept 11, 2001. It gives me courage to know that others can overcome the pain of a lost one, and to speak their loved one's name in front of millions. I thank you all for passing on your memories of the fallen to us, the living, who can help to continue their work and their goals. Their passions must be passed on to those of us who can follow in their footsteps.

Life goes on. Life is stronger than any one of us can image. Life has endured the worse of crimes against humanity, and life will continue to endure and to grow after the untold horrors that it will face in the future. It won't be easy to overcome the challenges we face, but we must face them together, as a community, not as individuals. We need shared memories and we need shared stories of the heroes, of the fallen and of those who just remember.

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