Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite Silly Quotes of the Last Day

Here are some silly quotes I've seen over the last day:

"We should applaud the continued progress, and that entrepreneurs iterate as superior technology becomes available. This is how innovation happens, but the [Wall Street] Journal does not really understand innovation."
"The bigotry of 'government' shouldn't do anything.'"

From The Wall Street Journal Op-ed, Vinod Kholsa 2/22/2011

So, Vinod Kholsa is starting to sound like one of those Middle Eastern dictators.
Defending the regime up until the very end. Calling people 'bigots' who don't want the government to support wasteful spending. Whoah! This is a new low for a CEO. Calling people bigots who don't want him to get rich!

I hope that the Republicans in Congress start looking into Waste, Fraud & Abuse within the companies supported by the DOE/NREL to see if Vinod ended up making money at the expense of tax payers.

Perhaps, Vinod may well end up in jail like the Enron executives who used political clout to steal millions in dollars.

And here's the (ironically) best quote from the Range Fuels CEO, .
"When gasoline hits $4.50 per gallon, let's chat again."
Wall Street Journal Op-ed, David Aldous 2/22/2011
This is what I was saying in my previous comment. When gasoline hits $4.50 a gallon, cellulosic ethanol will still not be competitive with gasoline. (Because their capital/fuel/labor costs will all be higher now that all energy is more expensive if gasoline reaches $4.50.) What we need to do is to calculate a total average rate of return on investment. (This will be part of my next blog.)

I wish that there was an easier why to tell hype, from from people like Vinod Kholsa and David Aldous, from truth in the energy business. We all need to stop believing the hype from CEOs like Vinod Kholsa and David Aldous. We need a people's revolt against people like them who get rich through their political connections. I hope that we all learn how to "Curb your Enthusiasm" and conduct some due diligence.
Due diligence: How to evaluate an energy technology

And here's the last of the quotes

"Spending about 2% of global GDP in 10 key areas would kick-start a 'low carbon, resource efficient green economy' "
UN "Green Economy" programme
Grow by not Growing

Spending 2% of global GDP on people like Vinod Kholsa and David Aldous will not kick start a low carbon, resource efficient green economy. You can't grow by not growing! You notice how the amount is just enough to get some people rich, but not enough to actually get us pissed off enough to protest against the wasteful spending?

This UN report also recommended following policies that decoupled economic growth from intensive consumption.
Here's the problem with the UN's thinking :   Economic growth means intensive consumption.

Building wind turbines, solar cells, ethanol plants, etc. is extremely resource intensive. So is building nuclear or coal power plants.
In order to grow (which is what life does), we have to realize that we will be having an impact on the Earth. But not only Earth, we also need to be making an impact on other planets. There is no growth if we're stuck on this planet. Growth means consuming more and more, on more and more planets.

So, send me some more silly quotes from people who think they 'know' how solve the energy crisis if we just give them some more money!

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