Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An awesome video game I'd like to make called "Entropy"

So, I've been wanting to make a video game that's a mix of SimCity and Civilization. The name of the game is "Entropy," and as you can guess, the goal is to generate as much entropy as possible, and be the last civilization standing. So, unlike Sid Meier's Civ games, there'd only be one way to win the game, and that's by producing more entropy than any of the other civilizations.

In the Civilization games, there are multiple ways to win: through battle, through knowledge, through space exploration, or through diplomacy. And in SimCity, there's no real way to win, but you can compete against your friends to see who has the wealthiest city after a given number of turns.

Let me know if anybody has expertise modifying either the SimCity or Civilization games so as add in a counter that could track the production of entropy (where entropy production numbers would assigned for each action, such as movement, building, energy production, etc...)

I'd like to run some experiments to study the best methods for producing entropy at the fastest rate.
As I've mentioned in previous posts, there is no way to prove that a different route will be the fastest route to producing the most entropy.
Disproving a maximum or minimum of Entropy Production Rate
So, I'd like to check whether the figure of merit "average rate of return on work invested" ends up being the best way to increase the rate of entropy production, as I quickly demonstrated in the Thought Experiment for Maximizing the Rate of Entropy Production.

So, let me know if you know of a video game that can be adapted to implement the entropy calculations that I mentioned above.

Also, i've had an idea for a video game where you are a power plant engineer/manager.
Let me know if you have any expertise here, and would like assistance writing the script/plot of the video game (I don't program well at all, so I can't be of assistance here.)

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