Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Return on Investment

The more I think about it, the most important variable in economics, as well as in life, is return on investment (ROI.) You can't predict ROI accurately because the world is not predictable, but it should be the goal that one strives for.
Ultimately, the life processes on earth are trying to increase the production rate of entropy. I see life as one big machine trying to turn UV/visible sunlight into light at as low a frequency as possible. The lower the better. We are all just busy-bees trying to increase the production of entropy. And we shouldn't fight against it.
If we take this to its logical conclusion, humans should be producing entropy here on earth as fast as possible and we should be populating other planets so that we can produce entropy there as well.
Does this mean that we should waste energy? No! There is a difference between producing entropy during wasteful processes and producing entropy during productive processes.
For example, if we were all to stop working and just jog or drive our cars, we could produce a lot of entropy. However, we'd eventually just stop running or driving when we run out of food/fuel. We shouldn't waste energy (work) because we need energy (work) to produce the things that keep us alive. (Along the way, there's entropy production, but the goal should be maximizing the amount of work produced because entropy maximizing will follow behind.)
So, in the end, we need to find ways to produce more work (~energy.) We need to explore other planets. We need to populate other planets.
How do we do that? We need to create greater return on work (energy) investment. We need to increase the ROI of farming. We need to increase the ROI of electrical energy production. We need to decrease the price of transportation oil. All so that we can have more people focused on producing work (and generating entropy) on other planets.
As simple as this seems, it's not an easy task at all.
Decreasing the cost of electricity and food production is not an easy task right now.

My goal is to remind people not to conserve energy!!!
Productive uses of electrical energy are good!!! Yes, spending energy can be good, especially when spending energy produces more energy.
We need to expand to other planets and we need energy to expand.

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